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Learn how to apply for authorization to provide the apostille service

Notary public offices that are located outside Brazilian capitals can also become apostilating authorities in Brazil. Pursuant to Resolution CNJ 228 / 2016 and Provision No. 62 / 2017, the act of accreditation of the apostille authorities will be performed by the General Courts of Justice of the States and the Federal District.

To make the request, the servant officer must submit a formal application to the local Corregedoria, stating the reasons why he wants to be included in the list of the Brazilian apostille authorities. With the request in hand, the State Corregedoria should conduct a preliminary study on the technical and financial feasibility of the notary, making sure that the unit is able to receive authorization to provide the service.

The eventual authorization of qualification of the service and the registration in SEI Apostila will be passed to the National Corregedoria of Justice. As a final step, the news of the authorization will be sent to the Brazilian Mint so that the unit can purchase the secure paper - mandatory for The Hague Handout.

Apostilagem is a process which certifies, before authorities of countries signatory to the Hague Convention, the authenticity of public documents. In June 2016, Resolution No. 228 / 2016 established the holders of extrajudicial notaries as competent authorities to issue the Apostille in Brazil. The provision of the service has become compulsory only for the banknote and registry services of the capitals of the states and the Federal District, and their internalization may be performed with the authorization of the Internal Affairs Office.

Between 16 and 18 October, in the city of Fortaleza (CE), will be held the 11º The International Forum of the Electronic Handout Program (e-APP) of The Hague. Aimed at discussing new technologies that could improve the document authentication process carried out through the Hague Apostille Convention, the Forum will also be marked by the launch of the new Brazilian apostille system.

Source: Press Office

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